Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is home to the world’s biggest cave called Son Doong. It is surrounded by thick jungle lending itself well to survival type programmes. During the Vietnam war central Vietnam was where the country split in two this is illustrated at 17th Parallel and Ben Thuy Bridge. The Vinh Moc tunnels nearby were built by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war and it is where their army operated from. Huế, was once the national capital of Vietnam and the seat of past emperors. Hue’s rich history can still be explored through its ancient citadel, palaces and shirnes. Food was made for the Emperors here and today this is still reflected in some of Vietnam’s most unique and exquisite dishes. Ho An is a beautiful ancient trading town connected by various waterways. It’s merchant buildings, temples and old tea warehouses are a combination of traditional Chinese, Japanese and Veitnamese architecture. Famous for its tailors, a suit can be whipped up in less than 5 hours! Approx 30km East is Danang, Vietnam’s third largest city and America’s biggest military base during the Vietnamese war.


The Hai Van pass in Central Vietnam separates two different weather patterns of the North starting in Lang Co (which is hotter in summer and cooler in winter) from the milder conditions South starting in Danang. Typhoon can be found in Hue and the Danang area in November to February. During the months of July and August the weather is very hot and sticky around Hue.


Hoi An has a full moon festival every month, where the town turn off their harsh florescent lights and light up the town with lanterns. For the Vietnamese, the night of the full moon is a time to pay your respects to your ancestors by making offerings at family altars and burning lucky (fake) $100 bills to bring in luck and prosperity. Monks hold candlelit ceremonies at temples, and fishermen pay tribute to the goddess of the sea. In Hue, every 2 years Vietnam celebrates its cultural heritage with fireworks, parades and re-creations of past dynasty legends.