Northern Vietnam

Hanoi, is the capital of Vietnam steeped in French colonial architecture and history, with the old quarter at its heart. But it’s also a city that was once home to past Dynasties and boasts of hundreds of handy-craft villages and thousands of temples and pagodas. It’s also the birth place of famous street food such as Pho and Bun Cha and Cha Ca La Vong. Sapa holds breathtaking rice terraces and tribal people like Red Dao, Hmong and vibrant markets selling anything from buffalos, vegetables to intricate needlework. Halong Bay is a world heritage site with thousands of lime stone islands that jut out of its emerald waters. Floating traditional fishing villages dot the landscape and it’s also home to Cat Ba Island National Park, famous for its wildlife including the endangered Langur primate. Further in land the majestic limestone pillars carpet the landscape around Ninh Binh.


North Vietnam has four distinct seasons. If you want clear sunny sky’s the best time to film in North Vietnam is from May to November.  Covered in lush green scenary. It’s also rice harvesting time.  During winter-time (December to February) temperatures can dip below 15°C/59°F in Hanoi. In the highlands it can snow in winter and temperatures can hit 40°C (104°F) in the summer (May to September)


If you want to film festivals then the North’s most active time is from February to March. This is after TET (Chinese New Year) and often includes various worshipping rituals at pagoda’s and temples as well as local games like buffalo fighting, horse racing and boat racing.